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    Hi all,

    Had a go at my own BenQ W5000 (firmware 2.01) last night and I’m having a problem. Having read most of the long W5000 thread over at avsforum and the notes on this forum I had a plan for how to do both grayscale and CCA.

    After basic user controls I did grayscale calibration of color temp “warm” in the service menu to be able to use that as color temp in the ISF menu when doing CCA. Turned of CCA in the service menu and measured primaries and entered those values into measured in CCA. My understanding is that the luminance value of the CCA measured on the W5000 can’t be used, so I left them alone. After entering measured and changing desired to correct values for Rec .709 I measured gamut again.

    At this point I started going back and forth between ISF and service menu changing primaries based on feedback from CalMAN and readjusting grayscale when needed. For luminance I left the measured as they where and adjusted desired to get where I wanted. After playing with the controls a bit I got things moving the way I wanted and ended up with a greyscale with an average dE of 0,5 from IRE20-100, and a gamut with primaries and secondaries under dE 2. As a first time trying a complete calibration with CCA I was pleased with the results.

    During this process I have noe idea as to how many times I swithced between service menu and ISF menu, but all settings stuck and everything looked as I expected.

    At this point I changed video format from 1080p/60 to 1080p/24 to see how things looked. Having read that the W5000 has mulitiple memories based on input format that need to be calibrated I expected to have som more work to do. As expected everything was of when I checked with 1080p/24, but what really ruined my evening was the fact that when I swithced back to 1080p/60 on my signal generator to take a final reading to generate reports for the 1080p/60 calibration this was of as well!

    All the values in the color temp for warm in the service menu and all values for both measured and desired in the CCA are the same as when I had things lined up, but measurments are now all over the place.

    The question I’m left with now is – where did I go wrong? What happened and how can all the values be the same and the measurments be totally different?


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    This should be a fairly easy one to do once you get used to the system.

    Do the grayscale in warm … SM … once done … you really should not have to go back there to tweak that anymore.

    There should only be one visit to the SM to work on CCA … and that is to shut it off to get the native values of all the colors and the white points.

    From then on … all CCA is done in the ISF mode and make sure you write the changes every time.

    There are multi memories on this one so write down the numbers on cca … may have to enter them 2 or 3 times more depending on what signals you feed the tv.

    Maybe the measurements are different because you are taking readings at the front end of a reset … versus the back end of a reset on the i1 pro …

    Take resets every 5 minutes and don’t wait any longer than that.



    Thanks Michael!

    Had another go at my BenQ W5000 last night and got it done right this time. The mistake I had done was going back and tweaking greyscale in the service menu after changing primaries. As soon as I did all adjustments of greyscale by changing desired for white point after starting working on CCA things behaved as expected.

    Not sure why I didn’t catch this first time I tried, but at least it works now. My W5000 looks great with a greyscale under 1dE from 20-100 IRE and all primaries and secondaries under 3 dE.

    A question now is how well might one expect the gamut to measure the same when changing the stimuli level? I calibrated with 75% and it looks just about the same on 100%, but changes a some on 50%. 50% is still quite good, but changing to 25% changes things quite a bit. Is it possible to get the gamut to stay more or less constant 25% – 100%?

    Learning never stops, and every calibration gives new insight:)


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