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This should be a fairly easy one to do once you get used to the system.

Do the grayscale in warm … SM … once done … you really should not have to go back there to tweak that anymore.

There should only be one visit to the SM to work on CCA … and that is to shut it off to get the native values of all the colors and the white points.

From then on … all CCA is done in the ISF mode and make sure you write the changes every time.

There are multi memories on this one so write down the numbers on cca … may have to enter them 2 or 3 times more depending on what signals you feed the tv.

Maybe the measurements are different because you are taking readings at the front end of a reset … versus the back end of a reset on the i1 pro …

Take resets every 5 minutes and don’t wait any longer than that.