Re: CalMan 4.0

Re: CalMan 4.0


The RC3 is out now and more stable. IT has not crashed on any of the 6 computers that I am running it on at home.

What I did do for now was identify Phone #1 and Phone #2 areas as the TV maker and model number. The probe used for the calibration will also show up in the report as will the person’s name.

The workflows are still in prototype stage … but here is one that will be added soon enough. The next version of the THX complete flow …

for now, I wouldn’t really bother with the THX CMS file or the THX Grayscale file. The THX complete one should take care of most needs …

If you don’t like the report pages … feel free to design your own. 🙂

Notice that I don’t walk you through the process like on the ISF side. You guys do not need any hand holding … just do it. 😀