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@Julian Scott 3848 wrote:

Thanks for your excellent summary. I’ve posted details on the relevant thread.

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public” H. L. Mencken
“You can’t fix stupid.” Ron White
Many consumers appear to be incapable of comprehending the concepts of a reference, video programs being an art form, or the value of fidelity. Modern government education has not been emphasizing the importance of thinking analytically or objectively. Our universities have promoted “critical” thinking since the ’60s, but by “critical” the so-called intellectual elites mean to criticize every academic and cultural tradition in order to find alternatives, not analyze and discriminate in a pursuit of excellence. Trophies are given for participation, rather than improvement. Self esteem trumps accuracy and/or mastery. In the video program reproduction process, preference stops at the approval monitor. If an attendee at an art exhibit is caught altering the works, they will be arrested and prosecuted. If an attendee at a commercial cinema insists on whistling along with the soundtrack, or adding supplemental dialog, they will be ushered out. It’s not “all about the art” but “all about me” for some personality types. The controversy you are participating in is a chilling reminder of why I seldom ever venture outside the display calibration forum at AVS any more. Been there, done that so many times it’s stomach-churning.