Re: Gamma

Re: Gamma


I turned off most of the user accessible auto features as they were very obtrusive. There is a light sensor on the unit somewhere and every time that someone walks across the room the image gets lighter and darker. I suppose some people would like it for the gadget factor but I prefer not to have things changing all the time, the client agreed.

The house is being painted all this week but I”ll try to get in the service menu next week and report back on what I find. I do recall some movement in the gamma curve on another sharp that I calibrated through the service menu a few months back. I experienced the same issues on a Toshiba LCD last week but still saw a marked improvement with Greyscale and CMS.

Any other pointers on Gamma would certainly be be appreciated as I haven’t seen any true “simple” Gamma curve control. I assume that all the accuracy in the world on greyscale and CMS system readins is lost if the curve is that far off.