Re: Jeti 1201/Orb SP100 & Calman

Re: Jeti 1201/Orb SP100 & Calman

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@Chad Billheimer 3451 wrote:

I have a 1211. I have different problems than you do with it and CalMAN, and I couldn’t use it at all with the latest CM 4.6 beta and latest Jeti FW. I had to roll back the FW and reinstall CM 4.5.
Yes, it usually won’t read the sync, but on about a third of the displays I calibrate it will. If it doesn’t read the sync, I click on the 0.0 sync reading, change it to whatever I need it to be, and then press enter on the keyboard. Don’t click the initialize button after that, just exit out.
Sometimes I wonder just how much testing Spectracal does with this high end gear.

Thanks Chad. I did try entering a number in the box but it would not allow anything like that. I received a note from Spectracal that the 1201 does not need to sync but it is. I believe the current 4.6 beta will not work. They did say that they will try to update a new beta and get back to me for now. Spectracal noted that the firmware on the 1201 was newer and they did not have a 1201 anymore, so they would try to work with me on getting it fixed. But I do realize that the 1211 is also having issues now.

Hope I can get a resolution before I do more jobs, but at least this justifies the need to have more than one calibration software as a backup. Chromapure works for now with the 1201 and if the issue does not get resolved by then I can still use the 1201. I always wondered if I would ever need 2 softwares, I guess I do.