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Re: Light meter with Sammy LED’s

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@Shawn_Byrne 1475 wrote:

Thanks Michael! I kind of thought so since it is logical, but I was concerned that the LED’s may have a spike(s) at a specific wavelength(s) that would perhaps overload a spectro or at least cause it to read inaccurately. I appreciate the info. I might take a look at a spectroanalysis to see if anything reveals itself.

The i1 pro only has 10nm resolution, so it depends on how narrow and exactly where the spike is. It certainly does, in theory, the ability to miss part of the reading. Clearly, Profling helps when you have a reference to go off of, but then one has to assume that all LEDs and Screens are made the same and exhibit the same spectral response. Futhermore, does the doping process of the LEDs change the spectral signature over time?

There is clearly debate as to how/which filter based meters will work with LEDs (or Laser etc) so I’ve learned its usually better to stay out of that minefield as it only tends to upset owners of those meters.

Obviously, the best solution is a SpectralRadioMeter with 1nm resolution, the downside is those are few and far between – such as the high end Minoltas that no one would take into the field, the ProgressLab microspec and the PhotoResearch units, being the ones that come to mind.