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Ok so when I look at greyscale ramps generated from the processor it still looks rather artificial but it looks reasonably natural on conent. I’m going to watch some more content over the weekend and see what I decie regarding the processing.

As far as CMS, it looks desaturated to me but mabye that’s just because I’m so used to watching the display with everything over saturated other then red…

Unfortunately the horizontal lines that keep glitching out at random during viewing keep popping up.


– The “Lines:Vertical” patern just drives the display nuts. The “Lines:Horizontal” displays just fine. What might this mean?

– Whenever I bring up the Radiance’s menu overlay little clusters of pixels glitch out around it. Every time that I hit an arrow key while navigating the menu the pixels shit to a slightly different configuration. It also occurs when I’m looking at the Greyscale/Gammma adjustments accross teh top of the screen.

Again these issues occur consistantly over a number of cables (Audioquest and IXOS), on two different displays and with a number of different cabels.

Help please, Anyone?