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    So I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a Radiance XS.

    I’ve got a few issues off the bat all of which are equally disapointing…

    There are one pixel high lines that randomly glitch out during viewing which appear to be setting, source, input and cable agnostic. Has anyone ever seen this or have a fix? Is it a lemon?

    When I use Calman 4 interactive mode to calibrate the greyscale the top end (90 and 100 IRE) goes red (visually) upon any adjustment. This wasted about three hours of my day yesterday. I’ve checked it with two different meters. I know this could be a software issue. I haven’t tried calibrating the greyscale manually yet as it was all I could do to keep from throwing my laptop along with the TV and processor out the fifth floor window. Has anyone else experiencecd this or know what might be happening?

    I’m still seeing things like the Vatican walls, stairs and roads in MI:III going all crazey. This was somthing that I thought the processing in this uint was suppose to take care of. Am I just missing a setting?

    I was under the impresion that this was the best processor on the market for under $20k which is why I shelled out the cash for it. So far it has added a new artifact, not worked with Calman 4 and my meters accuratly, not shown any imporvements in processing. So for my money time and effort I’m left with CMS that seems to be working and me a major headahce! I have been calibrating for a few years now and was excited to finally get a processor both to improve my system but also to demo to clients so they could justify purchasing one from me. This is the first piece of equipment to give e any real trouble during my calibration adventures. What gives!

    System details:

    JVC HD-56FN97
    Wii (composite)
    Panasonic BMP-BD60 (HDMI)
    Sony DVP-CX995V (HDMI)
    Toshiba HD-XA2 (not yet connected)
    Motorola DCT3412 I (not yet connected)
    Yamaha RX-V465 (Handling Audio)
    Panamax M5400-PM (power conditioning)

    *this is a previously stable system with the Radiance being the only new product

    I hate to talk bad about a small company and their product but so far no good. Please prove me ignorant and save me from my wife telling me that I’ve wasted my time and money. 🙂

    I’d be happy to talk offline and will call anywhere in the 48.


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    Sorry for being so wordy but I feel as if I have to be missing something.

    I referenced the Sencore file that is in the service menu section of our fourms as well as the tech sheets on They both recommend Calibrating Color Gamut then Greyscale/Gamma and then the global Color/Hue controls. This seems the oposite of what we learned in class (“can’t make accurate colors from inaccurate greys”). Gregg, Micheal, anything on this?

    I hooked the processor up to another display. It still has the horizontal lines that glitch out. This is a new artifact that I’ve never seen beforee so I assume that it is coming from the Radiance.


    Ok so when I look at greyscale ramps generated from the processor it still looks rather artificial but it looks reasonably natural on conent. I’m going to watch some more content over the weekend and see what I decie regarding the processing.

    As far as CMS, it looks desaturated to me but mabye that’s just because I’m so used to watching the display with everything over saturated other then red…

    Unfortunately the horizontal lines that keep glitching out at random during viewing keep popping up.


    – The “Lines:Vertical” patern just drives the display nuts. The “Lines:Horizontal” displays just fine. What might this mean?

    – Whenever I bring up the Radiance’s menu overlay little clusters of pixels glitch out around it. Every time that I hit an arrow key while navigating the menu the pixels shit to a slightly different configuration. It also occurs when I’m looking at the Greyscale/Gammma adjustments accross teh top of the screen.

    Again these issues occur consistantly over a number of cables (Audioquest and IXOS), on two different displays and with a number of different cabels.

    Help please, Anyone?

    Gregg Loewen

    hi Jon
    Weird on the lines glitching.
    Sorry I cant be of further assistance.
    Perhaps contacting Sencore directly?


    Thanks for the reply Gregg,

    I got on the Lumagen forums and they speculated that it was because my HDMI cables were too short of all things. This being because the outputs on the XS are eq’ed for longer cables. They arrived at this conclusion based on the fact that it works at 720P without the glitch.

    I have AudioQuest HDMI-X and HDMI-1 Cables. Anyone heard about or dealt with their HDMI cables? Good, bad, average?

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