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Gregg Loewen

i got this from 313329…i think the poster works for Nuvision.
Looks like the line is very calibratible.

NuVision LCD DV NVX-xxNDUP – Service Access
Menu,8,5,2,0 – set option 1 & 2 to 37
Press menu while at TOP of menu item list to switch between pages

This service menu has a number of useful settings: you can cal black, white, and color levels so that 50 is correct for customer, adjust volume settings so that max doesn’t blow the speakers, white bal with deltas for the 2 other color temps (black & white D55, for warm for example), set day/night mode delta.

Set calibrated nicely, excellant white balance, 2.38 gamma, 28fL peak light output. Some luma uniformity issues, not casually visable. Gamut short on green. Breeze to work in!