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Yup…education is key. I calibrated the G20 the other night. The son stayed with me for the evening and watched me, asked questions, and understood what I was doing. His parents did not (stay), which I found they share the TV with him (his TV but in the living room). I got a phone call the next day. Parents think it’s too dark in the blacks…they want it higher…they didn’t understand why the black level was where it was and how it relates to source material (the complaint is on HD cable, their only HD source!) Luckily they are local ’cause the parents will be in there with me when I show them the change. It’s their TV. They can ask for whatever they want after I’m done. After all, they are the ones who will be watching it!!

As an aside, the G20 black level came in at .0076fL with the Minolta CS-1000A. I was expecting it to be a bit lower considering they are advertising better blacks this year. I’m going to measure the S-series vs. the G to see if in fact the G is much lower than advertised…and .0076fL isn’t that low. The last PRO-111 I measured came in at .0003fL!

Colors are very close to where they are supposed to be (except magenta).

Gamma @ 2.06 and to get that I had to crush blacks from 0-3%…you’d need to crush a bit more shadow detail to get to 2.20…but do you want to?? As my personal rule, I always kept it to no more than 4% to obtain a desired gamma result.

dE after calibration was about 2.5 from 10-100 except for 30%, which gave me a dE of 5. Balancing act…if I kept 30% below 4, 10% became far too blue with dE of well over 12. So, keep 10% @ D65 so dark scenes don’t look blue for the very minor trade-off at 30%.

The THX panel still needs lots of work!! None of the grayscale presets are close enough.