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@Alan Brown 2006 wrote:

How about a deluxe line of “THX Ultra” Certified displays?

I don’t agree with a deluxe line of THX Ultra displays.

In my opinion, the THX-Certified display (in theory) is the deluxe line set apart from the rest of the manufacturer’s series.

Any suggestion of a “lower-end series” THX TV makes it appear that there is something wrong with that TV. Customers say, “If THX is the best, why can’t I get the best on the base THX model?”

Our response “well…it can be close to what we desire, but not all the way there. Therefore, you need this Ultra model to get a good picture.”

Have any of you guys been on a sales floor? I did it for 11 years. Try telling things like this to a potential customer. They HATE it. They want to know BLACK and WHITE. GOOD PICTURE vs. BAD PICTURE. None of this in-between stuff and if you spend XXX more money, you’ll get close enough…it just confuses the heck out of them more, delays their decision to buy, and gives them less confidence in the manufacturer and the THX branding.

Besides this…do we really need more TVs in a manufacturer’s line up?? There are already FAR TOO MANY. Tales from the sales floor: consumers are getting frustrated!!