Re: Panasonic TC-PC50G20 “White Balance Methods”

Re: Panasonic TC-PC50G20 “White Balance Methods”

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Hello Gang,
I decided to recalibrate my TV after 6 months in use. I am calibrating the Thx mode. My problem is with setting the black level. Whether using the pluge from my VP403 or the black level step pattern for a Bluray, I cannot get the below 16 to flash even with brightness at 100. I didn’t have this problem when it was new. One oddity is that when the user menu is on screen, I can see 16 and below flashing.

My original calibration had brightness at 61. Looking through the user menu, 61 is still correct. I set the video to auto, standard (16-235) and non-standard and it does not seem to make any difference. Black level is set to low. I am using HDMI 3.

What is crushing the blacks? Thanks for the help.