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@Mark Hodgkinson 3208 wrote:

Ha, good work.

Console yourself with the fact that the VT30 you’re doing next week will be much much more challenging 😀 Marginally OT for this thread but you need to have the OSD completely off when taking measurements of the VT30, they affect readings. It’s almost as much fun as skipping in an out of the service menu to calibrate.

Totally off topic – Had a play with the Toshiba auto-cal tool this week. I’ll try and post something somewhere here to share my experiences but the short version is that it was crap:)

Blimey the 3D on the VT20 was a nightmare. I didn’t realise beforehand that having the glasses pressed against the screen switched them off and as I didn’t think I’d need my tripod (well, why would you it’s a panel after all 🙂 ) the client ended up holding the sensor in front of the screen. It was really crappy. The greyscale was good from 100 down to 70 then there was a big spike in blue which trailed to nothing down to 10. Conversely red was really high at 10 and then trailed down to almost nothing at 60. Whatever I did I couldn’t correct it. Managed to get the primaries in their boxes with the (alleged) CMS but then luminance was through the roof on all colours. Contrast was maxed out but white wasn’t clipping and got 13 ftl. Put Avatar on and it looked fine enough – just as dull as dishwater as you expect 3D to look compared to 2D – but not much better than the default VT20 3D mode. Any suggestions? I’m going to go back with my tripod and have another go next week.

So what delights do I have to watch out for on the VT30?