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@Ricky Jennings 3230 wrote:

What contrast setting are you using, and what size windows for the measurement?

I have not done a 65″ yet. First one booked for 2 weeks time, but all the other sizes have maxed out at around 28ftl in the pro modes with patterns from the accupel. We do not get the panel brightness option in the UK settings.

EDIT: we do not get the isf modes in the UK, we get the professional modes instead

Same for me on the few I’ve done – ~28ftL in Pro modes, peak output with v small windows.

The Pro modes are actually the isf modes Ricky/Martin. You can rename Pro 1 and Pro 2 to isf Day/Night in the Lock Settings option using i196 as the password.

From what I can gather reading US calibrators reports, we’re locked to PB at low.

THX can give about 35ftL but you’ll need to make white balance adjustments in the service menu and of course there’s no CMS but a click or 3 on the global colour decoder should see dE’s below three, across the board, once greyscale is nailed.