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Hi Shawn,

Yes, power on and off no problem and generally could control the set, changing modes etc.

I did the connect and it identified as a Euro model. However, i think the issue may be that UK firmware/set up is different than the rest of the European market.

I should have got back to you when all was a little more fresh but for example, the brightness control range on the UK model IIRC has a mid point of 30 and has a max of 60 where I believe the Euro has a mid point of 0 and a max of 30.

Can anyone else chip in and confirm?

Were you aware of these differences on the uk model shawn or was I not doing something correctly?

If not maybe the commands for the 10point wb controls are different also? Do you know of anyone else who has used it with specfically a uk rather than euro vt30?