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@Lee Gallagher 2943 wrote:

I calibrated a VT30 last night. I utilized ControlCal v2.0 and the set had the latest firmware. ControlCal works great on this set!
I calibrated the THX mode through the available user and service menu controls. Color performance was a bit disappointing with color points less accurate than the previous VT25, along with color decoder errors.
I was able to make the ISF modes as accurate as I wanted with the 10 pt. gamma, 10 pt. white balance and fully functional CMS adjustments controls.
I highly recommend ControlCal for calibrating these sets.

I don’t suppose you have a picture of the cable required to connect the laptop the tv. I have been in discussions with turbe regarding getting the VT30 add on for controlcal, and he has suggested a ‘phone’ type cable to usb is required.