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I worked on a Hitachi 50P410 plasma (circa 2006) and found that neither one of the Hitachi s.m. access methods already listed worked for this panel. I just got lucky finding the method to get into the service menu – and save the changes. (Note: The other 2 access methods both called for pressing the Menu button on the TV – this panel will not access the service menu at all if you try to use the Menu button on the TV)

Start with the TV turned on.

On the Remote Control:
1) Press Menu – wait for the first (short) menu to appear
2) Press Menu – 8 – Select (in sequence, not at the same time)

In the service menu, you will find a setting for each color temp setting.

Select the temp you want to adjust with the up/down arrow keys on the remote. Press Select.

There are only RGB Drive controls – no Cuts – in the service menu.

Change Drive values (which are in hex) with < > keys on the remote.

After changing a Drive value to a new value you want to keep, press Select. Remember the new value you set so you can check again in a minute to see if it was saved.

Press Exit to return to the previous “page” in the menu system.

Select Memory Init. Press Select. Return to the color temp setting you were adjusting and look at the RGB Drives again to make sure your new value was saved. If it wasn’t saved, repeat the sequence above again (change the setting, press Select, Exit, Memory Init, Select). This sequence WILL save the new value you set but it doesn’t always work on the first attempt for some reason.

When you have confirned that your change was saved, use Exit to return to User mode.