Re: Sharp Elite 70″ LCD (PRO70X5FD)

Re: Sharp Elite 70″ LCD (PRO70X5FD)

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My experience with the Sharp Quattron sets (we do not have the particular Elite here in Malaysia) has been that u can make the charts look good for 100% saturated colours but when viewing actual pictures, the picture is off. The colours inside the CIE are where the problem lies, particularly in cyan and red. What I found works is use either Calman or Chromapures option of calibrating at 75% saturation, 75% luminance (use the CMS) and get them correct. Pictures look much better (u cannot get them all perfect anyway) when these points hit closer to target. The problem with this is that when u do a post cal check (and u check the 100% sat points), the report does not look good.

The past 4 quattrons that I calibrated, I showed the owners that I can get him perfect charts, then showed him some scenes that show flesh tones, grass and sky shots, then calibrated to 75% saturation points and showed him the differences between the two. All the owners chose to forego the perfect charts and went with the calibrated settings from the 75%sat, 75% luminance option.

For the Asian sets, the other bug was that the 10 point white balance was not a subset of the 2 point controls. The use of the 10point cause too much problems in the low end that I stuck with the 2 point. The other thing to watch out for is to calibrate after setting the Aquomotion as each one has different peak luminance and although this is a LCD, windows vs full fields (behaves like plasmas) do not match depending on ur Aquomotion selection. Its a challenging set to get correct, at least in the Asian region.

Again, these are the Asian sets, however, the colour performances of the Elites seems to mimic what I saw in Asia.

Not a big fan of the 4 colour pixels.