Attention … USER NAME REDO … Please READ

Attention … USER NAME REDO … Please READ

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    Greetings All

    We are going to do some housekeeping and we need your help. Before the membership gets too out of control in terms of numbers, we want to standardize the user names.

    Why … because there is a certain number of you that we are having a difficult time figuring out who you are based on the name.

    First name and then last name. If your user name is something odd … We will change it or delete it and you have to start again.

    That said … as of now late june I am changing away. The log in won’t work anymore, but hopefully you will remember to just use the full name with a space in the middle to get back in. or the email will tell you the user name

    Thanks for your attention.

    Names up for current review …






    Remember to type in first name with a capital letter first … and last name the same. “Chen” … not “chen” if you experience problems.

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