Calibrating D-Link DLP 3D projectors

Calibrating D-Link DLP 3D projectors

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    So D-Link DLP 3D projectors rely on flashes of light between frames to sync the 3D glasses. I have 2 of them here for review right now. I can’t see the flashes while the projector is in 3D mode, but presumably the meter CAN see those flashes so I presume I can’t use the 3D measurement trick of measuring the display with and without the 3D glasses to create a characterization file CalMAN can use that would allow me to measure the display in 3D mode without having to attach 3D glasses to the front of the meter.

    That means I’ll have to do 3D measurements of these projectors with 3D glasses in front of the meter’s lens… but I worry that the light flashes will still get to the lens, at least in part, because the 3D glasses don’t completely cover the lens. Anybody have experience with D-Link 3D projector calibrations — anything to do to get good 3D measurements (other than placing the too-small glasses lens in front of the meter.

    My meter has a very “camera-like” lens with a rubber lens hood and the end of the lens even rotates to focus like a camera lens. Maybe tape cardboard strips to the bottom and top of the 3D glasses lenses to block extraneous light from getting into the meter lens?

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