Calibrating JVC RS67 or 6710 projectors

Calibrating JVC RS67 or 6710 projectors

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    Anybody have experience with these projectors? I found 2D calibration using projector controls to be challenging (being polite), but do-able. 3D on the other hand… my initial measurements looked REALLY BAD but the images looked much better than the measurements would lead you to believe. So much so that I don’t trust the initial measurements… and I was making the measurements with a pair of JVC 3D glasses setup in front of the meter’s lens. That works fine with other projectors or flat panel displays except for the darkest steps which just get too dark for accurate color measurements. Remember, blue light is only 7% of the total, so if luminance of a gray step is .01 fL, blue light is only .0007 fL so not many colorimeters or spectros are going to read that accurately.

    Anyway, I get this strange U shaped gamma and odd color measurements that just don’t SEEM to represent what I see in the images and I’m not sure why. This is the current model JVC projector with eShift3. I have measured previous models with eShift and eShift2 with no problems (Konica-Minolta CS-200 meter).

    Currently dead in the water with this projector though… HDMI1 failed a few days ago, HDMI2 worked for 1 day then it also failed. So can’t try anything till I have a working projector (if they want to replace this one).

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