calman 5.1 workflow

calman 5.1 workflow

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    I have downloaded the new calman 5.1 U & was using the ( SI basic & advanced) WF with the lumagen as the DDC. -I would like to learn more about the ( dynamic range ) page.- before this I would look at the contrast test pattern & would set the tv between 70 – 80 someware. I am guessing now I can use clipping with peak white with my colormeter to set the contrast. So I look at the RGB lines & turn up the control to which they start to bend then I turn down the control a little bit to they are straight again. now my contrast setting now it high 90. I was doing this because I replaced the aging lamp in my projector..

    using AUTOCAL button the DDC on the lumagen was really cool..
    Grayscale & Gamma Multipoint Adjust
    Color Management System (CMS) Adjust
    was right on target..

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