Couple of questions about Sencore VP403

Couple of questions about Sencore VP403

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    Having just passed my exams I thought I’d give my new gear a workout at home today by calibrating my aged Technosonic 32″ LCD TV. I have a Sencore VP403 which is connected to the HDMI socket of the TV via a DVI/HDMI adapter (VP403 doesn’t have HDMI out just DVI). The problem is that the TV detects DVI rather than HDMI and gives me a very limited menu list – brightness, contrast and tone (neutral, warm etc). When I then plug in my Blu-ray player via HDMI into the same socket it treats it as if it’s a different input to the DVI previously calibrated with the VP403. While this means that I thankfully get the full menu range including colour controls etc. it also means that it starts with different values to those calibrated when it detects DVI. So what’s happening? Does this mean I can’t use my VP403 to calibrate my TV? BTW, I finished the calibration using the THX calibration disc but I’d like to know the answer before I walk into a client’s home and encounter the same problem.

    My other question is whether I can use the VP403 to calibrate a Scart socket? If so which leads/adapter would I need?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Gregg Loewen

    hi Julian
    what you are seeing is a problem with your TV and not your Sencore (IMO).
    the TV is thinking it is a PC connection. There should be a setting onthe display to change the video range from full to limited which will force it into video levels and then give you access to all the controls.

    Not sure on the SCART ?

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