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    Hi Guys

    Does anyone knows Digital Projector Hi-Lite Cine 260HC?
    Anything special? Any tricks or traps?


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    I put my hands on this PJ couple days ago.
    This PJ has very few accessible controls for calibration. Just RGB gains and cuts.
    Out of the box picture is OK but not perfect. Errors ~10%, Gamma ~2 (Film) but color luminance is perfect, like after calibration. The best I have seen so far .(OTB) There are however saturation errors.
    Manual says that RGB Gamma is 2.5, but after switching to RGB gamma wet down to 1.8, so I have chosen Gamma Video. After grayscale calibration I got average Gamma 2.43, delta E under 3 and color delta e 2000 under 2.
    I am disappointed that 30k PJ doesn’t have 10 point grayscale adjustments. It could help to make it perfect.
    There is a software for color gamut correction; ColourMax. It should help to make gamut perfect by correcting saturation.
    I will calibrate this PJ in client house after it’s used for 100÷150 hours so result should be even better. I may come to conclusion than I don’t need more controls to make it perfect. I let you know.


    Gregg Loewen

    hi Z.
    thanks for the info / update.


    I made final calibration in client’s house after 90 hours of operation in complete dark environment – his HT.
    I got all grayscale and color errors under 1%. Average gamma 2.35 (Range 2.39÷2.52)
    It will be nice to have 10 point grayscale adjustment, but it is OK.
    Achilles heel of this projector: black level. Black level is too high and there is nothing you can do, except to replace screen for dark one. Light output was high enough; 25 fL on 120” screen, so dark screen could work here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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