Fujitsu Plasma

Fujitsu Plasma

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    Fujitsu has a service menu with limited function.
    Hold {ENTER} on the remote until you see a menu come up like this:

    Monitor Mode A
    Monitor Mode B
    Extend Adjust

    Using the remote keys, select a Mode and press enter to access it.

    Monitor Mode A

    Fan Settings
    Temperature Reading
    Hours Meter

    To determine total hours, add RGB and video for the total hours on the plasma (each number represents hours on that selected input): disregard total hours (that is number of hours plasma is plugged in.

    Monitor Mode B

    Shows error codes, if any.

    Extend Adjust

    Fan Mode
    V Screen Orbiter
    RS232 Baud Rate
    Default (CAUTION: pressing default will reset the hours counter to zero).

    Press menu to toggle from one menu to another.

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