Has anyone developed their own signal generator bitmaps?

Has anyone developed their own signal generator bitmaps?

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    Hi Guys

    I’m in the process of defining and creating my own custom bitmaps for use in my signal generator. Specifically I’ll try to create at least

    1) A pluge with discrete digital steps from 0 to 25 on a video black (16) background

    2) A WtW clipping test with discrete digital steps from 230 to 255 on a reference white (or perhaps peak white) background.

    3) A colored zone plate to check for banding.

    It has turned out to be slightly more time consuming than I’d originally thought. The process got me thinking that this must have been done a thousand times before by calibrators, and that some of you might have custom bitmaps that you’d be willing to share with me (and the rest of the THX guys).

    So… if you’ve got any bitmaps created for use in a signal generator (or any player for that matter) that might be of use in testing or calibrating a display, please share them here, or shoot me an email at fredtoft@hotmail.com.

    Of course I will post my own designs, as soon as I’m suficiently satisfied with them.

    Best regards

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    Test discs like the Spears and munsil hd disc have patterns like this at least for contrast and brightness.

    There are patterns in the AVSHD disc that could be used to look for banding.

    And of course DVE HD basics also have lots of patterns.

    Never felt the need to create my own patterns as a result. Too many hours on a project a couple of test discs for $40 can deliver.



    Hi Michael

    I agree that it will probably be quite a few hours for me to finish all the patterns I will eventually want, and it’s certainly not the cost of test disks that is driving me to create my own. I already own the disks you mentioned, and like all of them for different reasons.

    I do however prefer to have as many patterns as possible included on the same source, so I won’t have to switch between a disk player with different disks and a generator more than I have to.

    Perhaps I should look into software that can grab the contents of a BRD as a single snapshot. Not quite sure about the legality of that, though.



    If you don’t turn around and try to sell it, taking snaps of your own discs will not have anyone on your back unless you go flaunt it.

    The only device that is upcoming that has the ability to play external patterns and pictures is the Video Forge device. It has its own patterns and you can put your stuff on an SD card and bring it up.

    The DPG1000/1200 device will also do this as it is simply a media player with all test patterns stored on a USB stick in jpeg format. I put a number of HD motion video clips on the stick for my double check.

    The 1000 is the preferred unit over the 1200. (aka WD media player vs. WD Live)


    Gregg Loewen

    the QD 780 will display patterns…I am not sure of the format required…but it needs to match resolutions.
    They are also developing more 3d patterns and also the 0-16 and 235-255 ones as well.

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