Hello from Nyal @ Acoustic Frontiers

Hello from Nyal @ Acoustic Frontiers

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    Hi, just thought I would post a quick “hello” to members at THX Video Tech.

    I run my own company, Acoustic Frontiers, and we do all kinds of stuff. We are in Marin County, Northern California, which is the next county over the Golden Gate bridge…about 30 mins from SF. High end audio, home recording studios and home theater are the main areas we service. Most of our clients I would put in the enthusiast category. We do a lot of HT design and acoustic design work for forum dwellers, particularly at AVS. Mostly we install Sony displays, sometimes with Lumagen VPs.

    I started off about 6 years ago doing audio calibrations only but quickly realized that would be challenging to turn into a full time job, and that’s kind of how I ended up where I am now, with a company that does all manner of design stuff as well as selling equipment and doing calibrations. Keeps life interesting! If anyone needs any pointers on audio calibration or acoustic design I can probably help out (as like I said many enthusiasts hire me to help them with design and acoustics, and my fees are reasonable relative to PMI or Paradise Theater or KYDG), and am HAA Lvl I and II certified.

    I hope to learn some stuff from the more experienced calibrators here. And hopefully I can add back to the community. I also maintain a blog, which is mostly acoustics and home theater design related. Twitter is NyalAF.

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    Welcome! Marin’s a nice neighborhood. I’ve been there to THX and Skywalker Ranch twice since 2002.

    Best regards and beautiful pictures,
    G. Alan Brown, President
    CinemaQuest, Inc.
    A Lion AV Consultants affiliate

    “Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging”

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