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    Worked on one today. This is a 3D model and I did the 2D calibration in the ISF Expert mode first and then copied the settings over to the THX mode.

    The Standard color gamut was actually smaller than Rec 709 with blue well inside the triangle. Got better results with CMS by selecting the wider gamut as a starting point. Blue was still well inside the triangle.

    The High Gamma setting actually resulted in a more linear grayscale … as opposed to the medium gamma setting.

    The big problem came when it was time to look at the 3D mode of the Tv. When you feed it 3D material, the TV liked to jump to THX 3D cinema … problem is … no grayscale controls are available here in the 3D mode. the two ISF expert modes cannot be selected and no other modes give parameters to adjust the grayscale.

    On a whim, I thought I would look at the THX cinema mode in 2D which had all controls available and bump up the blue contrast control just to see what happens in 3D mode. and what do you know … this change reflected itself in the 3D mode.

    So to calibrate 3D … calibrate the grayscale in 2D THX mode… and take readings in the 3D mode.

    Problem here is that this completely kyboshes the THX mode for 2D viewing.

    Work around … make the THX bright room setting the optimal THX 2D setting or do 2D in the ISF expert modes.

    I’m not convinced the set is actually an improvement over previous years.


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    When I was speaking to Joe Kane a couple of weeks back, he said Dave Abrams and he had gone over one of these models. They found their sample lacked a Rec.709 color decoder! It sounds like yours lacked one as well. How can this be?

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