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    “always try to use the original TV remote where possible. Things like Harmony remotes and other all in one remotes may not have all the buttons you need to press”

    * Press AND HOLD the “MENU” button ON THE REMOTE control.
    (The menu on the screen will disappear)

    * Now Press AND HOLD the “MENU” button ON THE PANEL of the Display

    * Keep both buttons pressed for up to 10 seconds.

    * When the service menu appears, release the two buttons

    * Change page on SM using the Yellow (swap) button on the remote.

    * Turn off the TV to exit the service menu.

    Alternate methods if above fails

    * Power on TV

    * Hold down the “MENU” button on remote until the on-screen menu disappears or “Welcome Message” appears then release the “MENU” button and within two (2) seconds press the following five buttons:

    9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … ENTER
    9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … DISPLAY

    * You will now have access to the service menus.

    * Using the remote control:

    * “MENU” button = Toggles between two menu pages.
    * “UP” & “DOWN” cursor = Selects the item for adjustment.
    * “LEFT” & “RIGHT” cursor = Varies the value
    * “POWER” button = Exit service mode and saves adjustments made.

    LG also sells a Service Remote that directly accesses the Service menu of the TV set.

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    Newer LG plasmas seem to have changed the service menu password. The key sequence may be “8741”.

    Gregg Loewen

    Press and hold menu on the remote control until the menu screen dissapears. Release the menu button. A screen should appear asking you for a password. The password is 8741. This reveals a expert viewing mode. You have full picture controls and RGB cuts and drives. When this mode is calibrated, the User menu has a new Expert viewing mode that the user controls are grayed out. This mode is calibrated by input, so one calibration per input that is used.


    here is the ccf code for the lg remote


    Current LG units with the C3 mode.

    Enter the UM select Expert Mode 1 or 2. Do the full calibration, once your done scroll back to the Expert Mode you just calibrated. Make sure it’s high lighted and then enter the LG service code (8741). There will be an option for you to assign ISF Day or Night. You can do this for both Expert 1 and 2 and for every input.

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