LG LM860

LG LM860

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    I’m not sure of the model number in the US but this is the second tier LED from LG in the UK and its calibration controls are totally broken.

    First off, the 2 point Wb controls simply don’t function as you can’t get it to remember an adjustment.

    Secondly, the 20 point controls are effective low down but fairly useless in the mid scale but, not only that, they also cause terrible colour banding so you may might as well not have bothered struggling with them in the first place.

    The CMS causes banding too but at least it’s close to Rec 709 OOTB.

    Finally it’s a dog for panel banding, light pooling, juddery motion and dirty screen effect not that’s a direct calibration issue, just saying. If you have any customers asking you about these, I say avoid like the plague.

    /rant after 5 unhappy hours playing with this POS 🙂

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