LightSpace and Video Processors – 3D LUTs for your higher end customers

LightSpace and Video Processors – 3D LUTs for your higher end customers

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    I’ve been deeply involved with enabling 3D LUT processing for the home theater market for over two years. If you have customers who want more than a Grayscale plus 6 Color calibration, 3D LUTs are now more affordable than ever. Some people want the very best so why not make it available?

    My main focus has been LightSpace and the eeColor Box. Read about it here.

    LightSpace Home Cinema Calibration software has all the profiling and calibration tools of the Full LightSpace CMS, but without the ASC/CDL/Batch LUT Burn options and only exports LUTs for Lumagen, eeColor, and VCGT.

    Email sent yesterday from Convergent to Light Illusion:

    As you may remember i’ve been using and testing LightIllusion software for the creation of 3D LUTS on the Radiance range of scalers. So far it appears the images look obviously better with the Lightspace luts compared to the measure/repeat/measure/repeat process of the usual contenders software. So much so that i’ve now invested in a copy and intend to always use it and recommend it for Lumagen calibrations. I did a comparison for a client on his JVC DILA projector a couple of weeks ago, xe owner, and he and i were both astounded at the difference. He can’t stop calling me to tell me how incredible the picture now is.

    With the new 2021 there is the possibility of larger LUTS due to the larger FPGA, not confirmed but Lumagen are going to investigate it (definitely in the forthcoming super scaler though). If you use LightSpace to do a profile of your clients display then, if lumagen did offer a bigger LUT in future firmware or LightIllusion updated their LUT creation software, you could just reload the saved profile, generate the new LUT, load it in to your demo 2021 already loaded with your clients saved config and then rip out this new updated config, send it to the client and charge them for your time, without ever leaving the office! Or, you could drive to the installation and spend 3hrs watching patterns get measured.

    To get the full benefit of Lightspace you may need to do a large cube profile. i’ve tried their quick profile, a 10x10x10 and a 17x17x17 on my plasma and the full 17x17x17 does result in the best image but with around 3-4hrs of measurements. With the more linear DILA i did for that client a 10x10x10 (about an hour) was great. Obviously we are talking 10 – 40 times as many reads as you have with 125 point cube for this stuff. This means you want a fast probe. If you can afford it then a Klein K10a is the solution, profiled to a spectro. Remember that once you have made the profile you can create multiple LUTS in around 10 seconds each. So if someone wants EBU, NTSC and REC709 with different gamma’s then it’s very fast after initial measurement. I will be recommending all future Lumagen Radiance owners have their calibrations done with LightSpace for the best image quality possible. I really think if you sell Lumagen products or do calibrations with them then it’s worth considering investing in this software.

    Oh and on that note, don’t forget it might be an idea to consider selling your demo mini or xs or xe and getting a 2021! It keeps you up to date and you can still sell all the other units from showing the performance advantage it gives. It’s always easier to sell down to a mini from a bigger unit than it is to sell up to a bigger one from a mini!

    For those of you who will be attending CEDIA in Denver, September 25-28, there is a good chance I’ll be there working with Entertainment Experience re: 3D LUTs.

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