New LED Ideal-Lume Bias Light Models

New LED Ideal-Lume Bias Light Models

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    By: G. Alan Brown
    Date: July 26, 2017

    Denver, CO- CinemaQuest, Inc. is announcing the debut of their “Ideal-Lume” video viewing environment bias lights with LED technology for the first time. After 19 years in the market, the company’s award-winning products have been improved in every way. The “Ideal-Lume” product line has been the solution of choice for video colorists, professionals, and videophile consumers world-wide. Users have included such video industry leaders as: Technicolor, Deluxe, Dolby Labs, Disney, Dreamworks, THX, ILM, NIST, Metropolitan Museum of Art, GoPro, Light Iron, Universal Studios, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Pinewood Studios, USC School of Cinematic Arts, etc. For details and ordering, consult their website: .


    Custom designed in the US
    More precise and stable reference color quality for all video standards
    More durable and portable than flexible LED strips, with extruded aluminum bodies
    Electrical dimming with included plug-in dimmer (60Hz power systems only)
    Both standard and professional models are slimmer and linkable
    Expanded mounting hardware options are included
    More efficient and cooler
    Longer life and warranties
    Lower prices

    Best regards and beautiful pictures,
    Alan Brown, President
    CinemaQuest, Inc.
    SMPTE, THX, ISF, Lion AV Consultants

    “Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging”

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