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    Gregg Loewen

    Serive Menu Access

    NVU22L, NVU26L, NVU32L, NVU37L “Press “Menu”, then PREV CH 5 times.There are 3 pages, press the numbers 1, 2 or 3 on the remote to access them. White balance is on page 2.

    NVU42DCM, NVU47DCM, NVU52DCM Press ‘Menu’ arrow down to the ‘balance’ line, then press 0,5,3,2

    NVX23HDU, NVX26HDU, NVX32HDU, NVX37HDU Press VOL+, then MUTE, then MENU

    NVX23HDU2, NVX26HDU2, NVX32HDUM/01, NVU37HDUM/P/2, 42LCM1-3, 47LCM1-3 Press MENU button, then press 2-5-8-0

    Edgelit led LCD sets … 726 … these sets do not show wtw and have no dot by dot modes 🙁 (Michael)

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