Panasonic ST30 gamma issue

Panasonic ST30 gamma issue

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    I was doing some testing with an TC-P42ST30 yesterday and I noticed that the two HDMI ports gave VERY different gamma curves in Custom mode! (Same settings on both ports, of course.)

    The HDMI-1 (ARC) port had a very reasonable gamma curve (2.1 – 2.2), whereas the HDMI-2 port was very similar to the horrendous gamma curves I saw when I calibrated a VT-30 the other day (see my post in the VT30 thread). The gamma was 2.1 to 2.2 at lower luminance, then plummeted down to around 1.4 or lower at 60% luminance and higher! This is weird.

    Gets a little more strange: I went in the service menu of the ST-30 and sent input from each of the two HDMI ports but didn’t change any settings, and when I exited the SM the gamma curve for HDMI-2 was different: improved (around 2.0 t0 2.1 on average but no large dip), but still not great.

    Interestingly, the client whose VT-30 I calibrated the other day that had a similar, strange gamma happened to be using HDMI-2, not the HDMI-1 (ARC) port. I didn’t even think to switch ports b/c I didn’t think it mattered. Should it?

    I’m puzzled. Has anyone seen anything like this before?


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