Panasonic TH42PX60 – Dynamic picture setting issue when exiting service menu

Panasonic TH42PX60 – Dynamic picture setting issue when exiting service menu

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    Here is a blast from the past. I have an old Panasonic TH42PX60 Plasma and want to adjust the RGB Cut/Gain to get a decent greyscale.
    I have searched forums, many sites and info is hard to find.
    What I have found so far is if you want to enter the service menu for the output eg.HDMI1 simply press index on the remote while pressing V/- (after Bass Max, treble in the sound options are set to min) on the front panel of the tv.
    Many posts say you have to go to analogue channel 99 and then follow this, but I think you have to simply do it in whatever output you want to configure.
    Once in the service menu, you can press red to go back, green to move forward and yellow/blue to adjust figures up and down, OK to enter selected figures and exit to exit.
    You can also cycle to service menu 2 by pressing the hold button when you have reached the end of service menu 1. It is service menu 1 that has the cut/gain adjustment.

    To complicate things further we have other options within the normal user menu.
    3 colour options: cool, normal and warm. Depending in what colour option you are in will carry on to the service menu, so if in warm you will enter the warm service menu, so far so good.
    Additionally in the user menu there are 3 picture options dynamic, normal, cinema.

    I want to set the tv up using cinema picture mode with warm colour mode for HDMI 1.

    So I set the users menus to above, go into the service menu, I can see I am in warm mode, so I go along to the cut/gain, adjust my settings, save, exit out and the tv automatically has set itself up in dynamic picture mode and not cinema.
    This has been reported on many threads, the only response I can see is they state is that you then set your picture mode back to cinema and press recall on the remote 3 times (recall doesn’t exist on the UK remote, I have tried exit button). So all I can do is go back into the service menu, but as soon as you are in there you can tell you are in dynamic mode again as the whites are blinding.

    So I am thinking there must be more service menus or does anyone know how to toggle the picture mode while in the service menu. I think there should be 3 picture modes/3 colour options for each output, so there must be a way of setting them up.
    Most complaints are from the US forums, but there settings/remote options seem to be different form the UK models.

    Any ideas?

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