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    “always try to use the original TV remote where possible. Things like Harmony remotes and other all in one remotes may not have all the buttons you need to press”

    * Major warning about Warranty and calibration work here. Pioneer Electronics has stated that any effort to access the service menu to calibrate these sets will effectively void the warranty on the TV. Proceed at own risk and customer should be told about this possibility.

    4th / 5th / 6th / 7th GENERATION MODELS

    * Make sure the Plasma Set and the Media Box are in standby mode.
    * Using the remote control:
    * Press “DISPLAY” button and wait 3 seconds (No need to hold down)
    * Press LEFT … UP … LEFT … RIGHT … POWER buttons
    * The Plasma will turn on with the “Information” page displayed
    * Press “MUTE” to move through the levels of menus:


    * Press the “DOWN” button to move through individual menus
    * To exit, shut off the TV

    Update on the Pioneer Kuro Series.

    Use the RGB High controls only. Do not touch the RGB Low controls. They tend to default to 512,512,512. There should be sufficient range in the RGB High controls to control the entire grayscale range. Do Not measure in the service mode. What you see is not what you get. Look at the movie mode … enter the SM … make changes … exit … take another reading and repeat.

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    Gregg Loewen

    Here is some additional information on the non elite displays:

    Once in the service mode hit mute until you see the panel factory mode. press enter, then cursor down until you see panel works 2, press enter again. now you should see r high g high b high r low g low b low, these are the gray scale controls. Hit menu to exit and then power off the display.

    Gregg Loewen

    For these models (the newest panels): PDP-4280HD, PDP-5080HD
    and perhaps the 5010 (1080p units). The latest word from Pioneer is DO NOT TRY TO CALIBRATE using the service menu as the controls do not work as labeled. I have emailed Pioneer and have asked for clarification and updates.

    Edit: See Michael’s note above….calibrate using the highs only…DO NOT TOUCH THE LOWS


    Another note: Reference to the 10 and 20 series plasma sets.

    The Pioneer SM access code is about to be added, but I need some field test to make sure it really works.

    That said, the one that BB uses may have a glitch to it. This is the source of ours too from what I know.

    Entering the SM is fine. Exiting the SM with the remote is not fine.

    Service menu changes will not be reflected to the user side if the remote is used to get out of the SM. Turn the TV off with the normal TV remote like the old way.

    Shawn B was nice enough to try it out on a 5010 unit. He reports that it works both ways and the changes are retained in the user side.



    Pioneer Plasma


    1) Use the service remote codes to put the TV into a svc mode.
    2) Press mute on the original remote until you see Panel Factory, press enter, and cursor down until you see panel 2 adjust, press enter. this will reveal Red green blue high and low white balance controls.
    3) The changes will be saved automatically, simply power down the TV to save.

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