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Planar PD8130

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    Hey all,

    Ok, this is ongoing thread at the moment as we are trying to determine what exactly is going on with this projector.

    Initially, after doing some research on this projecter, I entered the service menu (via an HDMI hookup) and determined that the Saturation and Hue(Tint) was not able to be manipulated (listed but no access to it). Come to find out, Planar/Runco knows about this problem, and has developed a firmware upgrade to fix it. We did not have time today to determine if component would be a temporary workaround.

    When checking the memory for the setting from the menu and not the remote, ISF day/night settings are available. However, as with many units, you have to enter a code to get access to them. It is not the same 726 code as Runco. To enter these memory settings:

    “Up arrow”
    “Down arrow”

    Then select which setting you wish to calibrate. However, upon doing this, it shut off all access to any settings in the menu….brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, RGB, etc…seems contrary to what ISF mode will do. So, a firmware upgrade is going to be installed tomorrow (and if you run into the saturation/hue problem it needs the firmware upgrade BEFORE you can work on it) and we’ll see where that takes us. Seems like the Planar folks were not too knowledgeable about their ISF modes as initially they said it didn’t need a code…so beware.

    I will get a clearer picture with this unit in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

    Ray, if you could, would you mind placing this in the service menu code thread as I didn’t want to mess up the hard work at alphabetizing the thread. Thanks!


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