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    Model 27FXXXX
    Actually did a little more checking on the service manual and found it. Icluded below, direct from the service manual. Maybe someone can include it in the proper section?

    Entering the Service mode
    1. Enter the service mode (S-Mode) by pressing the VOLUME
    DOWN key on the instrument until the volume
    decreases to minimum.
    2. Press the INFO key on the remote handset while holding
    the VOLUME DOWN key on the instrument.
    3. Press the PROGRAM UP/DOWN buttons to select the
    different adjustments under the first menu and press the
    VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons to adjust the setting
    5. Press the OK button to toggle into the Main Menu selection
    mode and select the different Main menu sections
    using the PROGRAM UP/DOWN buttons. Press the
    OK button again to toggle back into the value adjustment
    6. Menus up to menu 19 can be selected directly using the
    remote control by pressing digital buttons 1~9, 0, notebook,
    CAP, Display, Sleep, Calendar, System/INS,
    Favourite, Return and Picture.
    7. Press the Sound button to save the new settings and exit
    the service mode.

    Note: Many factory alignments appear in the menus but
    only the ones listed here can be changed. The values
    can be accessed and the value (hex number) on the
    screen can be changed but the actual value the
    instrument is using cannot be changed except at the
    factory using special equipment.
    The following is a list of all the menus and a
    description of the individual adjustments under
    each Main menu that can be changed. Only the
    following menu items can actually be adjusted.

    Menu 1 (Remote key: 1)
    Item Remark
    RC R cut-off setting
    GC G cut-off setting
    BC B cut-off setting
    GD G drive setting
    BD B drive setting

    Menu 2 (Remote key: 2)
    Item Remark
    HIGH6 60Hz height
    VP60 Vertical position
    VLIN6 60Hz Vertical linearity
    VSC6 Vertical S correction (60Hz)

    Menu 3 (Remote key: 3)
    Item Remark
    HPOS6 Horizontal position (60Hz)
    PARA6 Parabola
    TRAP6 Trapazoid
    HSIZE Horizontal size
    CNRT6 Corners top
    CNRB6 Corners bottom

    Menu 4 (Remote key: 4)
    No adjustments allowed

    Menu 5(Remote key: 5)
    No adjustments allowed

    Menu 6(Remote key: 6 )
    No adjustments allowed

    Menu 7( Remote key: 7)
    No adjustments allowed

    Menu 8 (Remote key: 8 )
    Item Remark
    RFAGC RFAGC [12H, bit 5 ~ 0]

    Menu 9 – 24
    No adjustments allowed

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