Samsung 2010 – More craziness?

Samsung 2010 – More craziness?

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    I’ve been spending some time with a borrowed UN46C8000 (1032 firmware) and I’m finding that the Picture Modes’ settings, Cal-N, Cal-D, and Movie (haven’t checked others) affect one another, but not across the board. But, they are certainly NOT independent memories (at least on this TV I have).

    For example, if I change settings in the Movie mode the Cal-Night and Cal-Day custom color space settings and Picture Options are changed to the Movie settings, but the basic picture settings and the 2 pt/10 pt white balance settings are retained. The reverse is also true: if I change Cal-N or D settings, the Movie mode’s color space and picture options settings are changed.

    Also, the Cal-Night/Day settings for Custom color space and 10 pt white balance cannot be set independently of one another, but the 2 pt WB seems to be independent.

    Has anyone had any similar experiences?


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