Samsung UN55C7000 Calib. Questions

Samsung UN55C7000 Calib. Questions

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    I am in the middle of calibrating a Samsung UN55C7000WF LCD with edge lit LEDs & 3D capability and have run into a few stumbling blocks. I am focusing on the 2D portion of the calibration only.

    1. I am assuming this TV has local dimming. However, I cannot locate the control to turn local dimming on or off? Upon further research it appears that the C7000 series does not have local dimming.

    2. The user menu has a 10 Point white balance adjustment in the user menu but I cannot get it to operate? However, the two point adjustment works normally for the gray scale.

    3. Attempting to adjust the global color and tint utilizing the TV’s “blue only mode” fed by my Accupel 4000 generator in it’s RGB video output mode ends up with seemingly extreme settings of the color and tint controls that also result in unacceptable colors. I read somewhere that Samsung TV’s don’t like to be fed RGB as opposed to a color space of 4:2:2 or 4:4:4?

    4. The TV also has a limited (no luminance controls) CMS in the user menu which I have not attacked yet. Any words of wisdom besides don’t sacrifice luminance accuracy for RGB color gamut accuracy?

    Thanks, Larry

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    Gregg Loewen

    hi Larry
    you should be calibrating with 422 when you can.
    Samsungs have rgb cms controls (not Color / tint / brightness). If a RGB is on its xy access but too dim or too bright, then add all 3 rgb controls to make brighter but keep in the same x y space.

    I would not use the blue only mode for anything. I would set the color control based on red at 21% of white, however, I would set at the center position and then use the CMS controls on this display.

    There is a 2 point / 10 point selection in the menu system.

    let us know how it works out for you.


    Thanks Greg, I will review my previous calib. settings utilizing my QD 780 set to 4:2:2 instead of my Accupel 4000. Although the user menu does have both 2 and 10 point gray scale, only the 2 point set of adjustments appear to operate. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Regards, Larry

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