Sharp XV-Z17000 3d projector – white balance adjustments

Sharp XV-Z17000 3d projector – white balance adjustments

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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this projector. In reading through the manual it seems there is a CMS but I don’t see any reference to white balance controls (only general color temp settings).

    Do these have to be accessed through the SM?



    Edit: Found this in a review of a different Sharp projector (Z20000), but don’t know if it’s the same in the 17000 since there doesn’t seem to be anything about it in the User Manual for the 17000:

    “Directly adjacent to the Picture adjustments in the on-screen menus is Gamma (Fig.2). At the top of this menu is the Gamma Position control, which as noted above performs the same function as the Gamma control in the Picture menu. It provides a selection of five different gamma curves. One of these options is Custom, which can make use of special Sharp software to adjust the gamma via computer (not tested). As you can see in Fig.2, there are also nine additional controls in the Gamma menu that may be used to separately tweak each of these gamma curves: three controls each (R, G, and B) for Gamma, White Detail, and Black Detail. For clarity here, I’ll refer to these nine adjustments as the Gamma menu sub-controls.”

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