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    Hello to all…

    Any consensus on which is best value for money TPG for 4K UHD/HDR?

    I see the Murideo 6G as a possible candidate. The QD ones are a good bet, but as always much more expensive…So would appreciate any suggestions.

    On the same note, what about meters? I know with HDR a meter that can cover the high end of 1000 nits and with decent low light level shd be one to get. Any thoughts on if the Jeti 1201 and Klein K-10A combo shd be good to go (I own these 2 now, hence the question). Both the meters seem to be able to read the bright end pretty well and the K10 definitely covers the low end requirements (<0.01nits).

    Would appreciate some suggestions as it seems that its time to spend some money…again.

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    Gregg Loewen

    hi V.
    The Murideo is a great value.
    You can also try your current TPG and add a HD Integrator box (this will add HDR).
    Yes, the QD is the reference unit, but pricing starts at around $7500.
    PS: we sell the Murideo and the QD.

    For meters: FYI, JETI has not been supporting the 1201 for video displays for more than 2 years.
    I would not be worrying about more than 1000 nits for now, but need to consider in the future and or if doing pro grading on the Sony OLED or DV monitors.

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