Toshiba DLP RPTV Type Displays

Toshiba DLP RPTV Type Displays

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    “always try to use the original TV remote where possible. Things like Harmony remotes and other all in one remotes may not have all the buttons you need to press”

    **Before proceeding … Some smaller sized Toshiba DLP RP units (44″) were outsourced to LG so these codes will not work. Look at the LG section for those. **

    From the remote control:

    * mute, mute (hold) … ( On some sets you have to do it 3 times instead of 2 times)
    * Press “Menu” on front panel of TV.
    * “s” appears in top right
    * Menu on remote takes you to the Service Area
    * Grayscale items are usually the first you see here

    * Channel buttons up and down scroll through the parameters
    * Volume buttons up and down change the parameter values

    * Power Off TV to exit

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    Gregg Loewen

    Toshiba 1080P DLP
    Mute, Mute, Mute, Menu
    Drives and Cuts are Global except for HDMI
    CNT-CB, CR, and CG are HDMI—-do these first

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