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    Hey Guys
    I am really wondering why theres no general thread about this till now.

    I attended a Workshop at JVC HQ in Germany a few days ago. The main Topics were “calibrating” the new JVC Projectors to the best possible match with
    connected UHD-BR Players from Samsung and Panasonic.

    It is possible to Import a new Preset for BT2020 via the Projector Calibration Software from JVC.
    As the GAMMA D Preset that all new JVCs Feature is a strict EOTF 2084 adaptation and therefore expects 10000Nits instead of 1000Nits you gotta make some more adjustments.

    Fortunately there are some Patterns on Sony UHD BR Releases that can be used for some rudimentary calibration.

    I am in Germany and now have to import Sony UHD BR Titles from the US, as they arent available here till now – can anyone tell me on what disc they are or are not?


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