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    Here is the story: i was 3 times last 10 days in Lebanon, got a big isntall other there. I had to change a scaler but has not invested yet in a real good instrument like a minolta CS200 or better a photoresearch.
    In order to get some reference, i had the measurements of a minolta CS200 with me. So i took exactly the same source, same DVD and have redone the measurements with my poor guy tool, ie the colorfacts tripods, cover removed, 1 feet away form the screen, lower part of the center.

    Surprising results: the new probe was not more sensitive that the older one,a lthough twice the surface. The old one was pretty close to the CS200. I was able to do a good looking result calib, but did not go too far because using such a small device for readjusting the colorspace could only have lead to a catastrophic situation….

    Couls this be acceptable for an “exam calib” provided it will be readjusted later with a real probe? I was maybe very lucky but Jennifer and also chapter two of “vertical limit”, the sister/brother discussion below the tent was clearly much better and the client was very happy although informed of the limited process, while keeping all the numbers at various steps to be sure to come back…just in case….

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    Gregg Loewen

    yes….you pretty much answered the question I would have for you.

    Do you know the limitations of the gear that you own ??

    When you are done, do shades of gray look like shades of gray ?

    How does Jennifer look ??


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