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    Gregg Loewen

    VIZIO P42 Service Menu Access

    To enter the factory mode in the VIZIO model #’s P42 / P42e / P42HD / P42HDe,

    Hold down the Channel Down (-) button on the front bezel while
    switching the Master Rear AC Power switch ON.

    This might work for the 50″ as well. Can’t remember what’s actually in there though.

    There’s global grayscale RGB in the user menu but my sample couldn’t be calibrated fully with that. The bottom had to be optimized which meant the top was considerably plus blue. Still, it was way better than stock.
    VIZIO P50 HDM Service Menu Codes

    The VIZIO P50 HDM’s service menu is accessed as follows;

    1. Using the remote, press and hold the EXIT button for 3 seconds.

    2. Release the EXIT button and key-in the sequence 1-2-3; the Factory menu will appear.

    3. Press the Down Arrow button three times to scroll down to the VDSL selection. IMPORTANT: do not select any of the ADC functions below the ADSL, this will erase the memory ready for factory programming and this can only be done at the factory.

    4. Press the Right Arrow button once and the Down Arrow button five times to select Color Temperature.

    5. Press the Right Arrow once to select 120K and then the Up Arrow once to select Custom.

    6. You can now adjust the individual Red, Green and Blue values.

    7. Press the Left Arrow button to return to the VDSL function selection and then press the EXIT button.

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