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Starting here on AVS is a great example of why the EDUCATION process is a VITAL part of any Calibration

You can see from above attachment several posts up what a VT25 (54″) in Default THX Mode looks like – @ 5,000K Kelvin, desaturated colors, Secondary Color Coordinates way off and gamma pretty screwed up.

Furthermore, the feeding frenzy takes off even more with a review here noting a .0004 cd/m Black Level (that works out to 0.000116745 fL).

A simple view of the original webpage clearly shows the meter the are using.

Unfortunately, the specs of that meter are not even close to accurate @ that light level.

FWIW, I have measured the 54″ VT25 with a Konica-Minolta LS-100 which is spec’d to .001 fL. With a 0 White Pattern and -3 Pluge Patterns to make sure the panel does not shut down/go into Infinite Black Mode – and out of 50 readings over 10 minutes, 49 all came out at 0.004 fL.

Thus again – EDUCATION of the Customer is vital. Believing all of what they read on AVS (or other internet web sites) is very dangerous.

You also need to know what you can and cannot measure with your particular meter (and where its accuracy is suspect). As stated in class, verifying with known reference material is the key final part of any calibration.

EDIT: No mention in the article of the fact that the color of the light when measured at “Black” was as Blue as you can possibly imagine. X= .215, y= .021 .