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Gregg Loewen

It was in post 45 of this thread:


Apparently, Panasonic did post (11/11/2011) firmware v2.10 for the VT30’s (and GT30’s) after the VE Shootout… basically the same firmware that was used on the VT30 in that shootout (with a few additional changes for Color luminance issues when using Panel Brightness Medium). IMO, they sure didn’t do a good job letting the installers know.

It’s labeled ‘For professional installer only‘.

You will probably find that it has improved a bit when using Panel Brightness Medium.. perhaps a Color Setting of around 44-48 vs ~36… this update does nothing for color decoding.

You must install it via SD or USB thumbdrive.…/down_pro.html

Who knows if there will be another version available via this ‘For professional installer only‘ area.. As usual, don’t expect (IMO) decoding to get fixed in the Panasonics this year.

BTW, if you network update to v2.2 (or future network updates), the LSI updates this special v2.1 version makes will not be changed….

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