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i have been back to re-do 2 VT30’s with the 2.1 update
i am still getting bizarre results with ISF-Day/Night (you’re right Mike O – why am doing them?)
i am using CalMan 4.6 via IP & using automatic
i did HDMI1 and everything went well, but i noticed that brightness for day was @43, where night was @55 (odd, you would think they both started the same)
also, contrast @100 on day you could barely see the pluge lines (dropping contrast did not change this), night @100 the lines were quite visible
i moved to HDMI3 and this time brightness on day @55, night was about the same – this was the BD input so i loaded up Jennifer
on day she looked fine, but on night every freckle on her face seemed exaggerated
we loaded Braveheart, same thing, all imperfections on the face were exaggerated
loaded Starwars, Anakin & the princess are walking into a palace and the cloak that Anakin is wearing has pink highlights, i have to drop the contrast to 33
now the freckles aren’t exaggerated, but the picture is too dim to be watchable
told him to use day mode

switched to HDMI1 (OTA box) – this time night mode looked much better than day

this is the 2nd set i have tried to fix & i had similar results on the 1st, especially the exaggerated freckles in night mode

i think i will stick to just using the user & regular service menu